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Nobody’s perfect. As with any digital project, it’s important to test, learn and continuously improve. For this we need to appropriately log any issues that may arise and capture feedback from users. Issue raising and feedback handling are documented below.


Any issues may be raised via Github and will be handled via Github issues. We will aim to offer each developer the chance to review and feed into the code by raising an issue. As is standard, if an issue is deemed valid it will be addressed, fixed and will be merged into the main code base. Developers will be able to offer the issue with a fix and any fixes deemed viable and successful will be merged. A log of the fix will be made in the change log and notification sent to all subscribers.

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Github issue


Design or development feedback can be discussed in a dedicated Slack channel. You may provide feedback about a component that you find does not look correct in a certain context. Or you may wish to provide a contribution of a new component or element you have created such as an icon, that did not already exist in the Design Language.

The Slack channel exists to provide a central point of discussion and so new contributions to our Design Language can be made. Whatever it is, we encourage feedback so together we continue to grow the design language with contribution from our partners around the world. And so that together we create visibility and collaboration across our global digital properties.

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Slack channel

If you would like to offer feedback on the design of this component, please send an email requesting access to the Design Language Slack channel.

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