Element used to obscure everything with a lower z-index.

Shade element - grey

            <div class="rc-shade rc-shade--grey"></div>

Shade element - white

            <div class="rc-shade rc-shade--white"></div>


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  • 18th September 2018 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Add new type of shader, and fix markup preview
  • 12th July 2018 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Prefixed classes throughout the portal with rc-.
  • 8th March 2018 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Ordered elements alpabetically
  • 19th February 2018 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Convert all multi line text to use
  • 1st December 2017 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Reorganised elements navigation
  • 1st December 2017 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Restructured folder order.
  • 5th September 2017 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Modal and shades page updates. Layout classes updates.
  • 29th August 2017 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Refactored naming convention used for levels of abstraction.
  • 25th August 2017 [ui_assets/elements/shade.yml]
    Added search input page. Improved inputs to conform to xhtml. Added shade page. Added footer sub-navigation page. Moved footer into navigation