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Royal Canin Design Language

Using Design Language

Best practice industry coding standards for all our digital properties.

Brand Identity

Our brand identity assets include the digital foundations of our brand such as the brand colours, fonts and typography. Implementing the brand identity is a good starting point for updating existing digital properties with our Design Language.

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Brand Elements

Brand elements includes assets such as button styles, form elements and tooltips. Implementing brand elements helps to achieve high visual consistency with our Design Language for existing digital properties.

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Brand Components

Components are classed as assets that are made up of multiple elements such as a header and footer navigation, a block of product cards or a content panel made up of images text and buttons. Advanced implementation of components makes our digital properties highly scaleable.

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Brand Styles

Visual styles such as gradients and shadows are also defined as part of our Design Language and help to unify the brand experience across all digital properties.

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Brand Templates

We currently provide basic and advanced HTML boilerplate templates to speed up the development of new digital projects. As Design Language grows we will provide more resources and templates.

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