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Royal Canin Design Language


The Design Language is an ever evolving project with new features arriving all the time, so to keep track of changes we’ve opted to use a release versioning system that reflects changes clearly. The versioning system used on the Design Language is heavily inspired by Semantic versioning. Changes in the codebase are reflected by incrementing numbers across three numeric values separated by full stops. Below is a summary of what each number value represents.

How it works

x.x.X – Minor bug fixes and improvements.

x.X.x – Additional features.

X.x.x – Major update with breaking changes.

Projects should be able to be updated without issue as long as the far left number stays the same. Major updates are still very possible but should be attempted with caution and thorough testing. Breaking changes will need more care and attention to incorporate as foundational elements such as naming conventions will need updating, please refer to the release notes to thoroughly understand what will need updating in your project.